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Apyrankė INDRA


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Aukso ir sidabro spalvos apyrankė

“Indra” bracelet is inspired by love of gold and silver. This bracelet is a symbol of two different colours, two different characters becoming one. Delicate and glistening bracelet is made of high-quality hematite stones and freshwater pearl. This bracelet is perfect for wearing it with everything from casual jeans to evening dresses. Wear it solo or combine with other pieces from Suawi collection.

The bracelet comes in a branded jewellery box.

SIZE: size S (~15.5-16 cm), size M (~17-18 cm), size L (~19 cm)

  • Natural freshwater pearl;

  • Hematite stone beads;

  • Durable metal clasp with zircon;

Weight/piece ~ 20g


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